Friends of Avani

Avani works with friends and donors to support students, faculty, research, and outreach initiatives at the Institute of Design as well as the Arts Initiative. Your gifts can help the Institute as a whole or can be directed to specific areas. There are numerous ways in which you can be a part of our community and contribute to Avani’s momentum. Parents of current students cannot contribute towards the Infrastructure Fund.

Should you have any questions or wish to contribute, please reach out to us at

Giving through CSR

Donations to Avani Institute of Design
may also be made from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funds. If the corporate donor has specific program goals such as Swachh Bharat Initiative, Women’s Education, Environment, Skill Development to name a few, we are happy to work closely with the CSR team to design appropriate programs that align with these goals.

Tax Exemptions

Donations to Avani are eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. We are happy to help with processing relevant tax receipts.

These are structured so that the donated funds are deposited with Avani and the principal is never spent. Distributions will be from the earned interest and will be allocated specific activities within the Institute.
When you create an endowment that exceeds INR 10 lakhs you can honor someone important to you by name while providing permanent support to Avani in an area of your choosing including but not limited to :

  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Academic events
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Research
  • Publications

Should you like to create any new area other than the above, Avani would be happy to explore the same with you.

A financial donation of all sizes is welcome and much needed as the Institute continues to grow. These funds will go towards meeting the most pressing needs of the Institute and its students.

a. Scholarships

Scholarships help ease the financial burden
on some of our very talented aspiring students. Your donations in the form of a scholarship can support a student’s full or partial tuition fees and other expenses throughout the duration of their course. Donors who gift above INR 2 lakhs will have the option to name their funds.

• Annual Scholarships

Donors who wish to set up an annual scholarship can work with Avani to develop general criteria based on which a predetermined amount will be awarded to students every year. Some criteria the donor may want to consider include academic merit, financial need, or field of interest. This gift could be renewed annually for a term of years to ensure the scholarship’s ongoing impact.

• Sponsorships

A sponsorship is a recurring financial commitment that a donor undertakes for the duration of a student’s study. Sponsorships could cover any and all costs that a student incurs while studying at Avani including tuition, accommodation, etc.

b. Sponsored Lectureships

Recognizing the continued contributions of permanent as well as visiting faculty through sponsored lectureships to push the frontiers of their scholarship are key functions of these positions. The funds can support research and create opportunities for collaborations with scholars globally. Donors who gift above INR 5 lakhs will have the option to name the lectureship for one academic year.

c. Curriculum Enhancement

Avani intends to continually enhance the academic curriculum with the help of eminent professionals in the field. Your contribution would help support activities such as :

  • Academic events
  • Study tours
  • Exchange programs
  • Innovative curriculum and studios
  • Exhibitions
  • Research and Publications
  • Career development and networking

a. General Infrastructure Fund

Avani is committed to constant improvements and up-gradation of its infrastructure facilities. You can contribute to this ongoing process through the General Infrastructure Fund. We welcome contributions of all sizes, and donations above INR 5 lakhs have the option to receive name recognition.

b. Material Donations

  • Books to the Library
  • Material
  • Hardware / Software

c. Sponsored Facilities

Donors also have the option to sponsor specific facilities and have these named by them, when paying the following predetermined amounts (all amounts INR) :

  • Studios x 13 50 lakhs each
  • Computer lab (with equipment) 1 crore
  • Seminar Hall 2 crores
  • Workshop x 3 1 crore each
  • Library crores
  • Multi-Purpose Hall 3 crores
  • Vehicles 35 Lakhs each

We appreciate every donation and have many ways to demonstrate gratitude for donor generosity.

1. Avani Patrons

The Institute honors various levels of financial generosity through our Avani Patrons program. As an integral of the Avani community, our patrons will be brought closer to the heart of our work and receive exclusive access to the campus, invitations to our lecture series, exhibitions, and annual events. The contributions of our donors will also be recognized on the Wall of Patrons.

There are three levels of patronage :

  Silver Gold Platinum
Contribution 10 Lakhs + 50 Lakhs + 1 Crore +

The Institute is happy to receive this amount as a planned gift over a period of five years or as a one-time contribution.

2. Naming your Fund

Avani welcomes our Donors to fund specific areas or activities at the Avani Institute of Design or at the Avani Arts Initiative, and also names these funds. Details of how to avail of this option are outlined at the Institute and the Initiative pages respectively.

We recognize our contributors and patrons through honorable mentions on our online collaterals, and the invitation to exclusive ‘Friends of Avani’ events.

* All names will be retained for the duration of the Donation.

Should you have any questions, please reach us at We will work with you to ensure that your gift and donation match your vision for Avani.