Approach/ Ethos/ Pedagogy

Avani aims to inspire passion for design, by providing a creative environment and expert guidance to help individuals reach their creative potential and become responsible citizens. As an institute, we are committed to pursuing practical and theoretical knowledge that enables meaningful contribution towards the advancement of local and global communities.

Avani intends to become an internationally recognized center for Excellence in Design, providing a platform to explore new horizons in education, collaborative research, and creative thinking.


Avani currently offers a Bachelor's of Architecture (B.Arch) degree course which is for a duration of 5 years.

Avani's five-year undergraduate program in Architecture aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and methods for planning and design of buildings, settlements and habitats that are responsive to the contextual forces derived from the culture, history and physical attributes of each site. This is further reinforced by exposure to environmental and social awareness that is an integral part of such a broad academic program. In addition to the core subject of architectural design the undergraduates are exposed to a range of disciplines like history and theory of design, social studies and visual arts, which aim to mould creative intellectuals and responsible citizens, who will confidently tackle the ever evolving concerns of our built environment.

The interaction between academia and professional practice is critical in evolving professionals with a wide and practical perspective. To develop a close understanding of the context and the design practice, Avani is associated with some of the best practitioners from India and abroad, who provide expert guidance to the students as they progress through the rigorous program.