Architecture and design does not exist in isolation but are closely integrated with the visual and liberal arts, social and cultural norms, philosophy and technological advances. Design has to evolve as a collaborative endeavor to engage with the unique challenges of contemporary society. Avani's interdisciplinary curriculum and facilities empowers the graduates with the critical thinking to confidently approach and tackle these concerns, to achieve their creative potential and become thought leaders in their respective fields.

Ar. Tony Joseph, Chairman, Avani Institute of Design

Avani Institute of Design, is a Center of Excellence in Architecture and Design education located in Kozhikode, Kerala. Avani is envisioned by Ar. Tony Joseph and is associated with some of the brightest minds in the fields of art and architecture.

The Institute promotes a holistic approach to design education which will develop well-rounded professionals equipped with the sensitivity, empathy, social and technical skill sets to address the ever evolving concerns of our environment. Started its first academic year in 2015 with the Bachelor of Architecture program, Avani aims to expand into an interdisciplinary Art and Design program exploring new horizons in education, collaborative research and creative thinking. Read More


22. 04. 2017

In discussion with Rahul Mehrotra

10. 02. 2017

Master Class with Peter Rich

08. 08. 2016

Orientation 2016

13. 05. 2016

'Avani One' - Annual Student Exhibition