22. 04. 2017
In discussion with Rahul Mehrotra

The faculty at Avani along with advisors Peter Rich and Dean D'cruz, Academic Council and Executive Council spend a morning with architect and academician Rahul Mehrotra, reviewing the past academic activity, followed by a discussion about the various aspects of 'teaching' architecture. '

10. 02. 2017
Master Class with Peter Rich

South African architect Peter Rich engages with the first year students in a week-long project at Gujarati Street, a quarter of cultural and historical significance in Calicut.

14. 10. 2016
Visiting the Construction Site at KEF

Students pay a visit to the construction site of the KEF Hospital, Calicut to observe the process of pre-cast concreting and also to understanding the planning and laying out of services in a hospital building.

30. 09. 2016
'The Refugee' by Naaz Khan

Students interact with Naaz Khan, an educator with a decade-long experience in working with refugee camps and extending them educational support. The student architects step into the shoes of a refugee as Khan engages them in a thought-provoking Q&A session followed by a talk on the way of life at a refugee camp.

13. 08. 2016
Orientation Week : Space 'n Space

Well known artist and Avani faculty Murali Cheeroth engages with the new batch of students in a workshop designed to develop understanding of tangible and intangible aspects of design thinking.

12. 08. 2016
Orientation week : Theatre Workshop by Surjith S G

Film and stage actor Surjith Gopinath takes a one day workshop for the Batch of 2016 aimed at the physical and mental orientation of ones physical body and space.

11. 08. 2016
Orientation Week : Capturing The City

Architects Vivek.P.P, Mohandas, Vineeth Kannan & intern Rebecca take the first years for a walk as part of an urban sketching workshop to help them explore sketching as a means of understanding and thinking.

11. 08. 2016
Orientation Week: Building visits.

Batch of 2016 make their very first trip to get familiarised with contemporary architectural projects in and around Calicut.

09. 08. 2016
Orientation Week : Ice breaker 2016

Seasoned HR consultant and life skills trainer Sucharita Hota engages with the second batch of Avani students, helping them break the ice and getting them prepared for life in an intense professional course.

08. 08. 2016
Orientation 2016

Orientation week for the newest batch of 40 aspiring architects and their parents began on 8th of August 2016.

08. 08. 2016
Orientation Week : Lecture By Peter Gast

The second Avani Lecture Series begins with German architect Peter Gast giving the Batch of 2016 their first lecture on architecture - introducing them to the profession, offering advice and giving all of us a glimpse of his body of work.

26. 07. 2016
Stop Motion Workshop

Architects in the making, Atul Jayaram and Ullas K.U. introduce the basics of stop-motion technique of video-making to the students.

23. 07. 2016
The Wood Trail

Students visit a seasoning unit, a saw mill, a plywood furniture unit, a solid wood furniture workshop and a furniture showroom to understand the end-to-end transformation of the material.

23. 07. 2016
Knowing Ones Printing and Laser Cutting Options

Students visit a UV flatbed printing unit, exposing them to options of printing on various and large architectural surfaces; and also a CNC laser cutting unit, where they are exposed to the possibilities and industrial methods of laser cutting.

26. 05. 2016
Manoj P K: Art For Change And Change In Art

American based architect turned 'art activist' Manoj.P.K talks about shifting paradigms in the world of art and design, and shares his experiences in organising art events.

13. 05. 2016
Avani One' - Annual Student Exhibition

Avani Institute Of Design hosts its first Annual Exhibition - 'Avani One', at Mandalay Hall, Kochi , from 13th to 19th May, 2016

08. 03. 2016
The World Through Murali Cheeroth's Art

Print, sound, perfomance,video artist and painter Murali Cheeroth talks about his work and the themes of consumerism, migration, displacement, urbanism and so on, that are portrayed in his work through various mediums.

25. 02. 2016
Casting & Moulding

Artist Shobharaj chips in to wrap up the 'Visual Arts & Presentation' classes with another hands-on workshop, this time on clay reliefs, moulding with P.O.P/silicon and casting with resin, encouraging the students to explore new design and prototyping tools and methods.

23. 02. 2016
IIA Kerala Chapter Awards Jury Drop-in

Architects B.S.Bhooshan, Dean Dcruz, and Sanjay Patil interact with the students and review the academic progress at Avani.

21. 02. 2016
Unfolding The Possibilities Of Folding

Ar.Balu Joseph shares his personal interest in structures, and introduces the students to the architectural possibilities of folding techniques.

16. 02. 2016
Designing For The 95%

New faculty Noorain Ahmed talks about the need, oppurtunities and relevance for architects & designers to engage with wider social issues.

13. 02. 2016
Anatomy Of A Moving Machine

Sometimes it just takes dismantling a cycle and putting it together to appreciate joinery, detailing and the relationship between parts and the whole, for a first year architecture student.

05. 02. 2016
That House In Goa

Ar.Adil Salim explains in detail about the design, the design process, development and execution of this second home in Goa.

30. 01. 2016
Learning Construction On Site

Students witness various stages of construction work, from three residential projects and an office project within an upcoming township at Calicut.

30. 01. 2016
Visiting Beypore's World Famous Boat-Making Yards

Students learn about traditional boat making techniques from wooden Uru makers of Beypore.

16. 01. 2016
Model Making Gets Technical With Prof.Antony Ben

Professional model making equipment and techniques were introduced to the students through a hands on workshop with senior academician, designer and sculptor, Prof. Antony Ben.

02. 01. 2016
Meet The Makers: Sargaalaya Arts & Crafts Village

Students visit the national arts and crafts exhibition to see craftwork and interact with craftsmen from across the country.

19. 12. 2015
Hands On Bamboo Workshop: 2 Days At Uravu

An intense two day residential hands-on workshop at Uravu, Wayanad allows the students to learn about, feel and work with the material and associated machinery to make bamboo furniture and products.

05. 12. 2015
Calicut Heritage Walk 2

The students explore more of Calicut along the Mananchira Park area, using historian MGS Narayanan's heritage walks (as found in the book, Calicut-City of Truth)

05. 12. 2015
Stories Of Calicut With Historian M.G.S

Students are encouraged to appreciate their roots and how societies and places are shaped over time. From World History to Calicut History, all in a couple of hours at home with renowned historian MGS Narayanan.

05. 12. 2015
Meet The Architects At Work : Space.A.R.T

Students visit 'Space.A.R.T' headed by Vinod Cyriac & Anita Choudhuri who explain about the design of the building, the practice, its approach and other work, as part of this initiative to expose students to real life work and the various ways architecture may be practised.

14. 11. 2015
Theatre Workshop With Jayaprakash Kulur

Theatre artist Jayaprakash Kulur spends a day with the students and helps the students discover themselves through a series of exercises

13. 11. 2015
Hashim On Graphic Design

Hashim.P.M of Design Difference, takes the students through his work and the realms of professional typeface design, identity design, publication design and other areas within information and graphic design, along with some basic lessons to end the session with.

02. 11. 2015
Common Ground Present Their Work

Simi.S and Binoy.B of Common Ground talk to the students about their projects, their design process, running an office, and life as architects and professionals.

31. 10. 2015
Teracotta - Factory Visit/Product Presentation

Sujith's Building Material And Construction lectures go beyond the classroom. Students visit Comtrust Tile Factory, Calicut and Wienerberger present their products on a day spent learning about Terracotta products.

31. 10. 2015
Sketching Workshop By Nishan

Picking up drawing and sketching tips from De Earth architect Nishan.M, at the Comtrust Tile Factory in Calicut

29. 10. 2015
Workshop With Dean

Dean D'Cruz, renowned Goa based architect and Advisor to Avani runs a design workshop for the students in which they were asked to design and make a trophy.

29. 10. 2015
Dean Talks Projects

Dean D'Cruz, renowned Goa based architect and Advisor to Avani talks and discusses about his work and practice with the students and a group of architects.

03. 10. 2015
Coptic Stitching Workshop

Architects in the making Pallavi Gulvady and Mahul Das along with Ar.Aleesha Roshan, from Stapati-Calicut teach the students 'Coptic Stitching' to enable them to make their own books.

01. 10. 2015
Learning About Art With Bose Krishnamachari

Kochi Muziris Biennale Director and Avani Advisor Bose Krishnamachari gives the students an in-depth tour of the art world

03. 09. 2015
Calicut Heritage Walk

K.Mohan, Past Convenor of INTACH Calicut, takes the students for a walk around historic streets of Calicut showing them how buildings of various typologies and ethnic communities were and have evolved over the years.

03. 09. 2015
Street Sketching Workshop

Brijesh Shaijal, an award winning architect based in Kerala who is part of the Avani Executive Council, hosts a sketching workshop for the students at the 14th century Mishkal Mosque

02. 09. 2015
Workshop By Jinan.K.B

Jinan K B, a thinker, artist and researcher concerned with the development of an authentic aesthetic sense in students, spends a day with the students in the studio and outside in the nearby mangrove park.

01. 09. 2015
Ice Breaking Workshop

Seasoned HR Consultant and life skills trainer Sucharita Hota engages with the students helping break the ice and getting them prepared for life in an intense professional course

31. 08. 2015
Commencement Ceremony

Official Commencement Ceremony of Avani Institute of Design. The institute opens at a public function held at Malabar Palace on 31st August 2015 with the traditional lighting the lamp

31. 08. 2015
Orientation Program

Orientation Week begins with Registration and the Orientation Program for students and parents on 31st August 2015

31. 08. 2015
Avani Annual Lecture

Chitra K Vishwanath speaks at the first Annual Avani Lecture at Malabar Palace, Calicut on 31st August 2015

15. 06. 2015
Brainstorming the way forward

Ar.Tony Joseph, Chairman, Avani Institute of Design, deliberating with the members of the Academic and Executive councils on the direction and philosophy of Avani's program.