Aabid Raheem

Aabid Raheem is presently a Principal Architect and Urban Spatial Analyst at [ar&de], Cochin, after having worked in London, Auroville and Ahmedabad. He graduated from MES School of Architecture and thereafter completed his masters from The Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, London. He is a visiting faculty and juror at different schools in the region. He has published and presented his research at international conferences and his articles have also featured in other print media.

Ashok Raj

Ashok Raj is the Creative Director and partner of Contour Dakshin Architects. He has completed his Bachelors from C.E.P.T University, Ahmedabad and completed his Masters from Bartlett School of Architecture, London. He is actively engaged in academics as a Lecturer, Visiting Faculty and Juror at various architecture schools in India


Mathew is the founder of Bloom Companies, LLC and has completed his graduation in B.S Civil Engineering from the University of Calcutta and his M.S. in Structural Engineering from UW-Milwaukee. Prior to founding Bloom, Mathew worked for the City of Milwaukee and played an integral role in the City's infrastructure design.

Vivek P.P

Vivek completed his Bachelor of Architecture from NIT Calicut in 2004 and completed his Masters in Urban Design from National University of Singapore in 2008. He is the Chief Architect at De Earth, Calicut and is a regular guest faculty at various architecture schools in India.